FREE CCCAM CLINES SERVER 2020 updapte 21/11/2020

We will give you a wonderful CCCAM free server,  Server cccam free clines opens many international channels and packages, in many satellites, such as ASTRA 19.2 and Hotbird …
In short, a strong cccam server lineas, and for free.

Here we offer you many CCCAM FREE servers, which provide you with the ability to view all encrypted channels on all satellites for free, without subscription.
All CCCAM CLINES are constantly updated and running on today’s date, and they will be gcccconstantly updated here on the FREEIPTVLISTE.

What is cccam server?


server cccam free is in short the codes or data that you enter for your digital reception device, in order to break the global packages in various satellites, and the cccam server consists of four lines:





These are the four icons that make up the cccam lineas server, perhaps now you know the word SERVER CCCAM FREE.

How to run cccam clines in digital receivers:

All you have to do is enter:

MENU and after CAS or NETWORK SHRING and you will find the location of the CCCAM server. As we mentioned before the server consists of four lines, let’s say that this server


Port: 2020

Pass: cccam

User: free

You all you have to do is take the first cline and place it in the first place in the device, the second in the second, the third in the third, and the fourth in the fourth.

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Here FREE CCCAM clines SERVER 2020 updapte 21-11-2020

C: 51002 comer13130 233712

C: 51002 comer13281 233712

C: 51002 comer13536 233712

C: 51002 comer13570 233711

C: 51002 comer13573 233714

C: 51002 comer13577 233713

C: 51002 comer13601 233712

C: 51002 comer13712 233712

C: 51002 comer13729 233712

C: 51002 comer14114 426264

C: 51002 comer14377 233712

C: 51002 comer14260 426264

C: 51002 comer14718 426264

C: 51002 comer15114 233712

C: 51002 comer15125 233712

C: 51002 comer15118 233712

C: 51002 comer15149 233712

C: 51002 comer16575 233713

C: 51002 comer16010 233712

C: 51002 comer16202 233712

C: 51002 comer16608 233712

C: 51002 comer17054 480529

C: 51002 comer17017 480529

C: 51002 comer19108 426264

C: 51002 comer19211 426264

C: 51002 comer19214 777123

C: 51002 comer19220 777123


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